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IT’S A HUB OF IMMORALITY: Parliament Insists Nyege Nyege Festival Should Be Called Off

Speaker Among and a Nyege Nyege Festival banner

Parliament of Uganda has banned Nyege Nyege Festival a few days before the culture, arts and entertainment event was set to begin. 

It all began when Tororo District Woman MP Sarah Opendi raised a concern regarding the upcoming Nyege Nyege Festival.

Minister Opendi reminded Parliament of the efforts of the Late Father Simon Lokodo, a former Minister of Ethics and Integrity.

Opendi even claimed that the event was likely to promote ho&ose*uality among many young people.

She then asked the government to come out and give its position regarding the festival as well as the growing levels of immorality in the country. 

“I come from Busoga, I have witnessed this Nyege Nyege, it is totally immoral. We can’t sacrifice the morals of Ugandans because of tickets that have been sold. If the Minister wants Nyege nyege let him take it to his district,” added MP Maurice Kibalya. 

In response, Rose Lilly Akello,  the Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity, informed the House that government had given a number of conditions to the organizers of the event if Nyege Nyege Festival is to be allowed. 

The conditions included: ensuring that children below 18 do not attend; making sure that nobody goes to the event na@ed. 

Minister Akello also tasked the organizers to ensure that nobody goes to Nyege Nyege with any kind of body exposure.

Efforts by the Minister of State for Tourism, Martin Mugarra, to defend the event as a hub of tourism met resistance from the House.

Minister Mugarra had told MPs that over 8,000 foreigner tourists have already booked tickets for the event.

The event was expected to happen at Itanda Falls from September 15 to September 18, 2022.

But in the end, Speaker Anita Annet Among directed the Ministries of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, as well as Ethics and Integrity, to ensure that Nyege Nyege Festival does not happen this year.

“What are the benefits that we are getting out of Nyege Nyege and if we don’t hold it what do we lose?” asked Speaker Among, who is also the Bukedea District Woman MP.

“We are talking about morality of this country; we are talking about our children. You are trying to promote tourism at the expense of our children? We are not going to allow this function to take place.”

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