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Is Singer Nince Henry ‘suicide note’ a publicity stunt for a comeback through ‘Killer Potion’ song?

Nince Henry. Courtesy Photo

Singer Nince Henry is the subject of social media debate after posting a suicide note.

The Cinderella singer threatened he would take his own life March 03 evening, and social media seemed unbothered.

“Ngenda Ngenda Kwetta leero! Kilo Kyaleero! [I’m going to kill myself. Tonight].”

While some were concerned that Nince Henry was not fine, others prayed that his soul rest in peace.

But as a faded and almost forgotten singer, Nince Henry needed something to propel him back into the news as a marketing gimmick for his new song.

Titled Killer Potion, Nince Henry’s song seemed related to his suicide note.

Yet as some of his fans suggested, someone needs to check on Nince Henry for he might be struggling with something and needs counselling and support.

And if all Nince Henry craved for was attention, then his suicide note just gave it to him — and he can now sell his Killer Potion to the world.

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