IN HOT SOUP AGAIN! Museveni's NRM CEC Member Rukaari In Another Shs10bn Land Scandal - The Pearl Times IN HOT SOUP AGAIN! Museveni's NRM CEC Member Rukaari In Another Shs10bn Land Scandal - The Pearl Times

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IN HOT SOUP AGAIN! Museveni’s NRM CEC Member Rukaari in Another Shs10bn Land Scandal

MP Robert Mwesigwa Rukaari

Robert Mwesigwa Rukaari, the Mbarara City North MP and ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Central Executive Committee (CEC) member representing entrepreneurs, is in more trouble over another land scandal, this time worth Shs10bn.

A wealthy businessman, former ambassador and legislator in 10th Parliament, Rukaari is having a bad year.

He is being investigated by Parliament’s Cosase Committee over the questionable manner in which he bought Uganda Railways Corporation (URC) land as we recently reported here.

The IGG has also begun a separate investigation of Rukaari’s land dealings.

Now, the MP is in another land scandal after a family in Isingiro District asked Speaker Jacob Oulanyah to pressurize Rukaari to pay them their money over a land transaction reportedly gone wrong.

According to Hillary Twesiga, Vital Mukarago, Steven Muganga, Paul Mukarangye, Jerald Gutesa, and the estate of Frank Mirenge, who have filed their petition through Kakuru and Company Advocates, the land in question was used to host refugees.

Government would later compensate them Shs13.5bn in June 2018.

However, Twesiga, Mukarago, Muganga, Mukarangye, Gutesa and Mirenge gave Rukaari and his company, American Procurement Company Inc (AMPROC Inc), powers of attorney to receive the huge payments on their behalf.

The petitioners further claimed that between June 13, 2018, and May 11, 2020, Rukaari, using two companies, AMPROC and Mwesigwa Resorts Ltd, received Shs10bn.

But they were shocked when the businessman and diplomat refused to remit the monies to their accounts.

This prompted them to revoke the powers of attorney that had been given to the MP and his company.

They also say that they asked the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Permanent Secretary who blocked the remittances to AMPROC Inc.

The lands ministry has since paid the petitioners Shs1.37bn and is yet to clear the Shs1.95bn balance.

The Shs10bn received by Rukaari’s company is also yet to be paid to the petitioners despite them seeking the help of State House.

Now, they want Speaker Oulanyah to compel Rukaari to pay their money.

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