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IMPREGNATE ME OR I DIE! Suzan Makula Left in Shock after Discovering that a Wealthy Woman Has Been Begging Pastor Bujjingo to ‘Chew Her Sumbie’ & Impregnate Her

Suzan Makula Nantaba was recently left in shock after learning that a wealthy woman has been begging her lover, the House of Prayer Ministries (HPMI) lead pastor, Aloysius Bujjingo, to chew her sumbie and impregnate her. 

A staff at Pastor Bujjingo’s Salt Media, Suzan Makula is the woman that the controversial ‘man of God’ embraced as his ‘wife’ after he separated with Teddy Naluswa Bujjingo. At least two cases involving the unions are in court.

But Pastor Bujjingo has now revealed that Suzan Makula recently found out that a rich Kampala-based woman has been begging her man to eat her forbidden fruit and make her pregnant.

Bujjingo has told his HPMI congregation that the woman, who is a church member, has been telling him that he wants a child who will resemble him and exhibit wisdom akin to his.

That the wealthy woman has even told Bujjingo that she will not expose him and that she is willing to secretly look after the child. The pastor says that the woman is even willing to take the child abroad. That the woman swore that she is not interested in wreaking the HPMI and Salt Media boss’ marriage but just wants a child from him.

Bujjingo further told his followers gathered at Canaan Land in Makerere Kikoni that when Suzan Makula saw the messages from this wealthy woman, she showed them to him and that he offered an explanation. Interestingly, Pastor Bujjingo had saved the wealthy woman’s number in his phone.

The pastor has now revealed that he is certain that there are some women whose interest is not in seeking God but after his ‘cassava.’ He has warned some youthful unmarried pastors to be careful with such women lest they veer off the path of Christ.

Watch Video Here: https://fb.watch/dwnypsSDVO/

This is not the first time that women are fighting for Pastor Bujjingo. A few months ago, a woman claimed that the pastor had reportedly ‘used and dumped her,’ and gone ahead to get introduced by Suzan Makula. (Read Story Here).

PASTOR BUJJINGO: I Hate Divorce; It’s a Sign of Failure

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