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I’M THE ONE, COME AND BEAT ME: Museveni Confesses He’s the Invisible Hand Behind Controversial Vinci Coffee Deal

Uganda’s President Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has confessed that he is the man behind the controversial Vinci Coffee deal, daring those opposed to the value addition agreement to go and beat him!

Months ago, Gen Museveni had trouble convincing Ugandans and Parliament to back a deal he had handed Enrica Pinetti’s Uganda Vinci Coffee Company Limited with the view of adding value to coffee.

The deal was opposed, with many describing it as giving Pinetti and Vinci monopoly over the country’s coffee sector. Museveni had also given the company enviable incentives such a tax holiday for a full decade, free land and monopoly over premium coffee purchase.

Parliament would later cancel the deal between Vinci and the Ugandan government, angering the 78-year-old and long serving Ugandan leader and military general from Rwakitura.

But later, in a new twist, it would emerge that the deal would not be cancelled but rather, Museveni would make a few changes. (Read Story Here).

Now, Museveni has ridiculed the people who opposed his deal with Vinci, calling them “parasites” and agents of “foreign interests and political actors.”

Museveni was unhappy that some political actors had continued to fight his plans to add value to raw materials, choosing to keep seeing the impoverished East African country importing every thing from outside the country even when the raw materials to make such products are plentily available in the Pearl of Africa.

He was glad to report to visiting heads of state such as Kenya’s new president Dr William Samoei Ruto that Uganda was now producing her own maize flour, processed milk, some textiles and fertilizers.

The elderly president made it clear that Uganda was “moving full steam” and “the sky is the limit” regarding value addition projects in fields such as agro-processing, the pathogenic economy of vaccines and pharmaceuticals, as well as automobiles and electronics.

According to Gen Museveni, one of the parasites is Daily Monitor which reported that the culprits would not be punished.

He dared the parasites to go and punish him, saying he had done nothing wrong except trying to promote value addition on the country’s major cash crop.

“Parasites like the Monitor attack government initiatives. A recent example was their caption: ‘coffee deal stinks, culprits won’t be punished.’ I am the culprit, come punish me. In other words, I am committing a crime trying to add value to our coffee,” said Museveni while delivering his speech as Uganda marked her 60th Independence Anniversary on Sunday, October 09, 2022, at an event held at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds.

“This paper, the Monitor, on the 22nd of May 2022, said the coffee deal stinks but key culprit will not be punished. I am the key culprit standing here, Yoweri Museveni, mujje munkwateko [come and arrest me].”

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This is not Museveni’s only and last controversial deal or appointment that has raised eyebrows and made Ugandans criticized him.

Just a few hours ago, it emerged that Gen Museveni has appointed a senior presidential advisor in charge of Ankole cows. The advisor on the indigenous cattle will be paid a cool Shs15m every month! (Read Details Here).

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