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I’ll speak for myself: Justice Esther Kisakye accuses Judiciary spokesperson Solomon Muyita of bias, ‘disowns’ him

Judiciary spokesperson Solomon Muyita and Justice Esther Kisakye of the Supreme Court. Courtesy Photos

Supreme Court judge Justice Esther Kisakye has accused Judiciary spokesperson Solomon Muyita of bias, communicating ‘uninformed decisions,’ prompting her to vow to directly make her communications to the press.

This follows Muyita’s claims that suggested Justice Kisakye was either unprepared or refused to share her dissenting ruling with fellow judges.

Kisakye has rejected Muyita’s statements (see above link for the statement) on Thursday’s Supreme Court drama.

On March 18, drama ensued in the Supreme Court in Kampala when eight justices of the highest court in the land walked out on Kisakye.

Kisakye had insisted on delivering her minority ruling on the withdrawal of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s petition.

But she could not locate her ruling file.

Her colleagues walked out on her, power and the public address system were switched off.

She accused CJ Owiny Dollo of ordering the confiscation of her ruling file, switching off of power and public address system, and commanding his colleagues to walk out on her.

On Friday, Kisakye suggested Muyita could be working for powers from above.

“I will issue my own statement about the incident at an appropriate time,” she told reporters in Kampala.

“Since Muyita has proved inclined to speaking from an uninformed position or speaking on orders from powers that be, from now on I will take the responsibility to communicate my position on my own.”

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