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I’LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN! Ofwono Opondo Finally Apologizes for ‘Punching’ Lord Mayor Lukwago on NBS TV Frontline

Ofwono Opondo and Erias Lukwago

Government spokesperson Zephaniah Ofwono Opondo has finally apologized to NBS TV viewers for nearly punching Kampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago during the Frontline Show weeks ago. 

Returning to the show following the chaotic appearance that ended abruptly after he almost beat up Lukwago, Ofwono Opondo made a statement on the incident that had earned him criticism from Lukwago’s admirers and acclaim from the lord mayor’s haters.

As the Frontline aired live on Thursday, August 18, show host Charles Mwanguhya Mpagi tasked Ofwono Opondo to make a statement on the incident that happened weeks ago.

Mwanguhya first reiterated how much NBS TV regretted the incident that cause the premature end of the Frontline show nearly a month ago. The show host also hinted on the process of reconciliation between Lukwago and Ofwono Opondo.

“As we work on reconciliation and other processes going forward, we would like to once again express our regret on what happened but also ask the front liner Ofwono Opondo to make a statement,” Mwanguhya invited Ofwono Opondo.

This was the first time the government spokesperson was returning to the show since the chaotic incident.

Swallowing his pride, Ofwono Opondo apologized to the show’s viewers. He said he regretted the incident and assured viewers as well as guests that it would not happen again.

“As Charles has said, three weeks ago we had a show and an outburst; we went into a shouting match particularly with my young brother, the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago. It escalated into the — what do we call it? — into a shouting match that did not allow the show to continue, and, consequently an abrupt end,” said Opondo.

“It is something that is regrettable, it was unfortunate. I would want to say to you our dear viewers, the general public even if you did not watch that show. That kind of incident certainly doesn’t reflect me because I am the longest [serving] panelist here. I want to promise that it will not happen again in the future, and I would want to believe that my co-panelists and also the guests who come will try to ensure that we don’t handle each other in a manner that leads to failure to understand each other.”

You can watch the video showing how Ofwono Opondo almost punched Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago on live TV HERE.

Meanwhile, following the incident, Lukwago narrated the events that happened that night, revealing to viewers what they did not see after the show ended prematurely. (Read Story Here).

The Lord Mayor has also demanded Shs500m and an apology from Ofwono Opondo for humiliating him. (Read Story Here).

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