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IGG Beti Kamya: Joel Ssenyonyi Wants My Head — But This is My Side of the Story

Inspector General of Government (IGG) Beti Olive Namisango Kamya has claimed that Nakawa West MP and  Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities, and State Enterprises (Cosase) chairperson Joel Ssenyonyi is witch-hunting her. 

This after Ssenyonyi’s Committee report from a probe into mismanagement at the Uganda Land Commission (ULC) recommended that Beti Kamya, a former minister of lands, housing and urban development (MLHUD) be investigated over her role in the scandal at the commission.

Now, in a lengthy response, Kamya has given her side of the story and castigated Ssenyonyi for wanting her head.

“But Hon. Senyonyi needed my head for his obviously sinister motives. If he had his way, my head would’ve been the only one on the guillotine. I am grateful to other COSASE members who were more objective and spread the responsibility,” said the IGG.

Here is Beti Kamya’s full response:


For the record, as Minister for Lands, I wrote a letter to the Min of Finance “to provide funds to ULC to settle claims totaling UGX 10.6B.” In doing that I didn’t offend any law of Uganda. What am accused of, though, is “Initiating a Supplementary budget.”

That being the prerogative of the accounting officer, according to the Public Finance Management Act – but NOWHERE DOES IT INDICATE that I initiate a supplementary, I asked for funds – and that is within the prerogative of any Minister – to lobby for funds for institutions under his/her charge.

Whether the funds are availed as a supplementary or a regular budget item or even denied, is the prerogative of the Ministry of Finance. If the Ministry of Finance decides to provide the funds, that decision is taken through 15 steps (read checkpoints) including Cabinet, Parliament, the Auditor General, and the Internal Auditor General before the funds are finally released to the appropriate accounting officer for payment to the claimant(s).

In this case, all these steps (checkpoints) were followed, and for good measure, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga even instituted an ad hoc Committee of Parliament to further interrogate my request for funds – which passed ALL THE SIXTEEN STEPS (CHECKPOINTS).

But Hon. Senyonyi needed my head for his obviously sinister motives. If he had his way, my head would’ve been the only one on the guillotine. I am grateful to other COSASE members who were more objective and spread the responsibility.

Altho some people mock and make fun of my Faith as a Christian, I know that my God is just and He will vindicate me. My duty as a Christian is to forgive all who have wronged me, to Pray for them, and to love them – and that is what I’m doing. May God Bless you.

Minister’s submission to COSASE:-

  1. The MLH&UD in her letter did not ask for a supplementary, rather she requested the MFP&ED “to provide funds to ULC to settle some urgent claims including a Presidential directive, Court Order & sick claimants who needed medical attention”.

The prerogative to provide the funds thru a supplementary lay with MoFP&ED, who could have chosen to provide the funds in the following FY’s budget

  1. The MLH&UD’s letter was not binding on the MFP&ED
  2. From the MLH&UD’s letter to the actual release of funds to the beneficiary

There are about 15 checkpoints as follows-:

i) MFP&ED receives the request

ii) takes request to Cabinet for approval

iii) takes Cabinet’s approval to Parliament

iv) Budget Committee scrutinizes

v) sends back to Plenary recommendation

vi) Speaker set up an Ad hoc Committee that recommended payment

vii) Parliament appropriated

viii) Parliament sends approval to MFP&ED for execution

ix) MFP&ED – Appropriation Act

x) Grant of Credit

xi) Auditor General’s warrant

xii) Initiating warrant by Accounting officer

xiii) No objection by MFP&ED

xiv) ULC receives funds

xv) ULC pays the beneficiary

Surely all those checkpoints could’ve arrested the situation if there was any to arrest. So what responsibility will each of those officers bear?

The MLH&UD’s did not mislead the MFP&ED that there was a Presidential directive because there was one in writing by PPS Molly Kamukama supported by a letter from AG William Byarugaba.

If ULC decided to use extra funds to pay other claimants to whom Parliament had not appropriated, was that legal? What responsibility will ULC bear?

It should be remembered that last week, Joel Ssenyonyi’s Cosase recommended that IGG Beti Kamya and finance minister Matia Kasaija be investigated over their role in the ULC compensation saga. (Read Story Here).

In May 2022, we reported that Beti Kamya’s daughter had told Ssenyonyi that her mother (the IGG) had been rushed to hospital on the day she was supposed to appear before Cosase. (Read Story Here).

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