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I WAS WORRIED: Janet Museveni Shares Her Experience with Covid19

First Lady Praises Ugandans for Bombarding Heaven with Prayers Calling for Healing

Janet Museveni. Courtesy Photo

Janet Museveni, Uganda’s first lady, also minister of education and sports, has spoken out on her experience with Covid19 a day after her husband, President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni, announced she had recovered from the deadly viral disease.

Ms Museveni said she had battled Covid19 for a week. She added that she had no significant symptoms. Yet she was filled with worry and was uncertain of how things would turn out.

She tested negative for Covid19, a respiratory disease, on January 01, 2024.

“Yesterday, I received my COVID-19 test results: ‘Negative.’ After seven days of uncertainty, even though I didn’t have many symptoms, I couldn’t help but worry about how tomorrow might turn out,” she revealed.

First lady Ms Museveni also said she was overwhelmed by the show of love as it poured out from those who prayed for her quick recovery and wished her well. Some, she added, had bombarded heaven with prayers, disturbing God’s peace until He healed her.

“You have shown me that when I am not well, you will stand with me. You are willing to pray and bombard Heaven with prayers, not giving God peace until He answers. And please know that He has answered with His goodness and mercy!” she continued.

“I am whole, I am well, and in His wisdom, He gave me an opportunity to hear from so many who truly sent their love. The children from Masulita UWESO Village even sent me their best artwork. Oh, thank you Uganda, for being so genuine and sharing your humanity with me and my family! Now I feel that it is worthwhile, after all, to serve God by serving His people, among whom there are angels who walk among us!”

Meanwhile as he gave an update on Janet’s recovery, Museveni issued a directive to the health minister to clarify on new knowledge on the spread of Covid19. (See Details Here).

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