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I Turned into a Cat to Beat Security at My Home – Bobi Wine (Watch Video)

No Evidence to Prove Bobi Wine Turned into Cat

Bobi Wine. Courtesy Photo

In a quip that some might take seriously because of its history of use in guerrilla warfare, Ugandan opposition politician Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine has claimed that he turned himself into a cat to beat security deployed at his home to block him from taking part in protests against the poor state of roads in Kampala.

Recently, Bobi Wine shocked security officers at his home when he appeared at Katwe in Kampala where he planted a banana stem in protest. (See Details Here).

Today, Bobi Wine said the protests he is co-leading with veteran opposition politician Dr Kizza Besigye and Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago had become successful as authorities have started working on most of the roads in which they planted banana stems.

Bobi Wine has urged his opposition supporters to keep planting banana stems in the potholed roads in their areas until government has fixed them.

He also urged supporters to pile more pressure on government to release missing opposition supporters.


Asked how he had managed to beat security guarding his home to block him from leaving to join protests, Bobi Wine said he had turned into a cat.

He referenced a story told in the 1980s during an anti-government war when one of the top leaders of the bush war struggle – now a powerful figure – was said to turn himself into a cat whenever the military came closer to arresting him.

“As you must have heard people saying ‘I became a cat,’” Bobi Wine said.

“I am sure you have heard that in the ‘80s somebody used to become a cat and evade security. So I also became a cat.”

The Pearl Times could not verify if Bobi Wine had indeed turned into a cat. It was not uncommon for opposition figures in Uganda to beat security guarding their homes. One of these is Dr Kizza Besigye. (See Details Here).

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