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I STILL WANT MY LIFE: Prof Jimmy Spire Ssentongo Ends Campaign Exposing Museveni Government Rot after Getting Death Threats

Prof Jimmy Spire Ssentongo. Courtesy Photo

Ugandan university professor, cartoonist, columnist and activist Prof Jimmy Spire Ssentongo has announced a break from online exhibitions exposing the rot and inefficiencies of President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s government.

In recent weeks, Prof Ssentongo, known for his cartoons and satirical writings, has held successful online exhibitions highlighting government failures. The most successful was the Uganda Health Exhibition in which Ugandan health workers, patients and other Ugandans shared their experience on access to healthcare services.

Currently, the Ugandan Security Exhibition, moderated by Godwin Toko, is happening online. Prof Ssentongo announced he was handing over to Toko days before the exhibition exposing police and UPDF brutality, welfare and other issues to do with security in the country.

Now, Ssentongo has announced that he had learnt of ‘evil plans’ targeting him. He has also made it clear that he had done his best and would take a break for a time but warned those threatening him that more people will come up to demand better services and expose government failures.

“I’m aware of evil plans aimed at me. Well, I’ve made my humble contribution. I hope this country traces its soul. I hope a time comes when we ask ourselves: Is this the best we can be? I leave now, but: SILENCE ALL ALARM BIRDS, SNAKES WILL COME IN SILENCE. It was a pleasure,” announced Prof Ssentongo.

It should be remembered that during Prof Jimmy Spire Ssentongo’s Uganda Health Exhibition, the country learnt with shock how many people had died in one night in just one hospital after doctors went on strike, leaving only interns on duty. An intern at Kiruddu Hospital then confessed that s/he had to decide who should die and who should live and that because s/he was overwhelmed, mistakes that ended some patients’ lives were done. (See Details Here).

Activists have been reacting to Prof Ssentongo’s decision to quit. Dr Kizza Besigye encouraged the university professor to keep fighting to end the source of evil plans.

“Hey Prof! I can imagine what’s going on around you. However, leaving will not take away the “evil plans”! You’re safer keeping your guard up- fighting to get rid of the source of “evil plans!” Besigye wrote.

Agather Atuhaire urged Ssentongo not to abandon the struggle. “I hope this tweet doesn’t mean what I am thinking. I know you know that giving up won’t change anything but let me also say it. Pushing on at least gives us hope that this continued contribution can eventually redeem us. Please don’t embolden the people responsible for this mess,” she noted.

Just recently, Agather Atuhaire was thrown out of her Kisaasi apartment, an act she blamed on her fearless activism. (See Details Here).

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