I KNOW THE WHOLE TRUTH: Museveni Defends Security Officers Who Killed Sheikh Kirevu


President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has spoken out of the killing of Muslim cleric Sheikh Muhammad Abbas Kirevu.

Sheikh Kirevu was recently shot dead in Kyengera, Wakiso District, during an operation.

While security claimed that Sheikh Kirevu was aiding ADF to recruit Ugandans into the terrorist group, some people, including politicians and human rights defenders, have criticized the manner in which suspects have been killed in the war against terror.

In his November 20 address on the Covid19 response and the security situation in the country, President Museveni said he was closely following intelligence reports and the operations and is certain Sheikh Kirevu was not innocent.

“I have heard some arguments about Sheikh Muhammad Kirevu. Some say that he was a nice person,” said Museveni.

“There is no way security operatives would have known about Kirevu if he was not connected with the recent attacks and attempted assassinations.”

He called for patience, saying the truth would come out during court sessions. The president also noted that Kirevu had been granted amnesty, adding that there wouldn’t be bail for suspected terrorists.

“Let the public be patient and wait for the court proceedings. You will hear the truth,” said the president.

“The idea is to uproot these parasites from our society, and that is what we are going to do. We won’t tolerate this issue of bail. I am told that this Kirevu was given amnesty. We won’t allow that.”

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