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I Came to Makerere with a Metallic Case But I’m Now Deputy Speaker – Thomas Tayebwa Narrates Touching Story


Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa has said that he is one of the testimonies of President Museveni’s NRM Government, especially considering how he has risen through the ranks to become at top leader at Parliament of Uganda.

Tayebwa was speaking at the Makerere Centenary Celebrations where President Museveni was the Guest of Honor.

He narrated how, without wealthy and well-connected relatives in government, he had come to Makerere from where he attained quality education that became a basis for his current achievements.

“In 2001, with a metallic suitcase and Shs450,000 school fees for Makerere, I came to Makerere with no relatives in the Government of Uganda but today, I am Deputy Speaker of Parliament. This really makes me one of the testimonies from the government,” said Tayebwa.

“I want to thank you, Your Excellency the President, because you have created opportunities for people who you have never heard of, who had no relatives or a contact in government and you have given them opportunities to serve in positions of high responsibility in this country. I want to thank you for that and forever and ever, I will be grateful to Makerere, President Museveni and the NRM government.”

Tayebwa, also a Member of Parliament for Ruhinda North County in Mitooma District since 2016, was previously appointed as the Government Chief Whip by President Museveni in 2021, a position from which he resigned before becoming deputy speaker.

The Deputy Speaker, who also said that he attained school from rural Kigarama Primary school, Kigarama Senior Secondary School and Ruyonza School for UACE in 2000, managed to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences at Makerere University in 2005, and Bachelor of Laws in 2012.

You can read Thomas Tayebwa’s profile HERE.

As a Member of Parliament, Tayebwa who is also a lawyer, started a Women Farmers Sacco in his constituency which now has a membership of 1500 and a net worth of close to Shs1bn.

He also successfully lobbied Government to turn Kiyanga Vocational Secondary School and St Benedict SS into government-aided schools.

Further more, he mobilized his friends from India who funded the construction of a Shs100M classroom block at Nyampikye primary school.

Mr Tayebwa has also taken over 50 students to Israel for agro-studies where they earn millions whilst acquiring hands-on skills.

Meanwhile, Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa also emphasized the need to change the current formula for choosing students under the government sponsorship schemes, saying that the current system favours children of rich people who have attended the best schools. (Read Story Here).

You can see names of students admitted under government sponsorship at Makerere University for this Academic Year HERE.

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