How Teenager Escaped from ADF Terror Camp in DR Congo

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga. Courtesy Photo

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga has revealed that one of the children recently rescued from Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) had escaped from DR Congo.

Enanga identified the teenager as Shafik Ssemakula aka Fik Abua, 14.

He says Ssemakula aka Fik Abua was trained on how to handle weapons, plant and detonate explosives.

“Notably among them [the rescued children] is Ssemakula Shafik aka Fik Abua, a 14-year-old, male juvenile who was kidnapped from Kiboga, and smuggled into the DRC,” said Enanga.

“We cannot reveal the identity of the parents for security reasons.  Together with other children, they were trained in weapon handling, detonating and planting bombs among other military maneuvers.”

According to the police spokesperson, Ssemakula aka Fik Abua managed to cross from DR Congo to Uganda, before moving on a lorry and walking on foot.

He would later be reported to police.

“He managed to escape and sneak back into the country through Kasese, where a good Samaritan got him onto a lorry up to Lukaya.  He walked on foot up to Kyamuliibwa, where a chapati seller upon hearing his ordeal, handed him over to the police,” further revealed Enanga.

“We want to caution parents against handing over their children, to such anti-democracy actors, who are bent on using their children as actors of violence and impunity, for their selfish gains.”

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