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How police busted Kireka sex party, caught revelers red-handed

Police arrest 21 suspects engaging in Kireka Sex Party at a Private residence. Courtesy Photo

Uganda Police operatives interrupted an October 11 morning sex party in Kireka, Kira Municipality of Wakiso District, arresting scores of revelers.

Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) spokesperson Patrick Onyango put the number of those arrested at 21.

The party flouted Covid19 regulations that banned social gatherings such as night clubs and music concerts.

Although President Yoweri Museveni has been easing lockdown measures, he is yet to lift the ban on entertainment shows.

He recently allowed places of worship to reopen to 70 believers per service or mass. Schools will also reopen to finalists and candidates on October 15.

Government has been warning against complacence regarding the observance of Covid19 prevention measures.


Kireka sex party animals arrested.

Although the organizers had advertised the event using posters and social media, albeit cautiously, police did not learn of the sex party until minutes past midnight Sunday (October 11).

“Towards midnight the police was notified that the sex game had started and we swung into action,” said Onyango.

The bash was dubbed ‘Be Mine Sex Party.’ The poster showed half-naked women displaying their buttocks.

It also included Whatsapp contact numbers for those who wished to book, but the specifics of the venue remained a secret – the organizers only indicated that the party would take place in Kireka on October 10.

It would later emerge that the party happened at a private residence.

Organizers charged VIP guests Shs50,000 and ordinary revelers Shs30,000 as entrance fee.

The party went on, with women seducing men for sex, boldly telling them there were so many women on earth, according to videos taken during the party.

Some of the women went as far as parading their sex organs to men to entice them.

Police arrest 21 suspects engaging in Kireka Sex Party at a Private residence in a night raid.

But in the middle of the party, guests were shocked to see police invade the private residence after a concerned Ugandan reported that a party was ongoing contrary to Covid19 prevention guidelines.

“We got the participants red handed, they have been arrested and detained at Kiira Division police station,” said KMP publicist Onyango.

The arrested and detained suspects will face charges of disobedience of lawful orders and doing acts that are likely to cause the spread of infectious disease – coronavirus in this case.

Onyango added that the files of the 21 were already being prepared and the suspects would be produced in court on October 12.

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