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HOW DID YOU GET ALL THIS MONEY? Museveni Asks Anita Among. Speaker Reveals Source

Anita Among is a Good Planner -- Museveni

Museveni launches Anita Among's Bukedea Teaching Hospital. Courtesy Photo

ANITA AMONG MONEY SOURCE: President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has revealed that he tasked Speaker of Parliament Anita Annet Among to explain how she got all the money to build the Bukedea Teaching Hospital.

Museveni launched Bukedea Teaching Hospital, a multi-billion private facility, that Speaker Anita Among, also the Bukedea District Woman MP, built with her money.

Speaker Anita Among named a maternity ward at Bukedea Teaching Hospital after Charlotte Kainerugaba, wife to first son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba. Among saluted President Museveni for appointing his son the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF).

Among also named a block at her Bukedea Comprehensive SS after Gen MK (initials for Muhoozi Kainerugaba).

Speaker also reiterated her statement that she believes in the trinity of Museveni the father, Muhoozi the son, and the ‘holy mother’ – an allusion to a potential Muhoozi presidency in a father-son succession plan. (See Details Here).

In his remarks, Museveni praised Anita Among for being development-minded. He also revealed that he had queried the speaker on the source of funding for the Bukedea Teaching Hospital – questioning the Anita Among money source.

Among told Museveni that she had used the money from her school to build a teaching hospital. Museveni even praised Anita Among for being a good planner.

“I asked [Speaker Anita Among] where she got the money to build all this. She reminded me that I had helped her with her school. She said that after building the school, students started paying school fees and that money is what she used to build the Bukedea Teaching Hospital,” said President Museveni President Museveni.

“[Speaker Anita Among] is a good planner because the money she got here is the money she used to build the hospital on the other side and also provide quality health care and training of nurses. She has changed the landscape here and created employment for many.”

But Speaker Anita Among is currently facing allegations that she runs a huge Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budget for Parliament. Parliament is not expected to make profits and the CSR budget should ideally be used to extend services to the people – instead of putting the money under an individual for him or her to use as he or she wishes and to donate who whoever they please to have mercy on.

Speaker Anita Among has attempted to sweep the allegations of Parliament Corruption Under the Carpet and to hide under the ‘Homosexuality Law Cover. She also blamed a former speaker of Parliament who wants to take her job. (See Details Here and There).

Last year, Speaker Anita Among unveiled a multi-billion mansion, raising questions on her wealth and properties. (Read Story Here).

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