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How ‘boyfriend’ led CMI operatives to Buziga house where ‘Kagame’s Rwandan woman spy sent to assassinate Maj Gen Sabiiti Muzeeyi’ was hiding

A boyfriend to suspected Rwandan spy Jennifer Byukusenge, a woman reportedly sent by President Paul Kagame to assassinate Maj Gen Sabiiti Muzeeyi, led CMI operatives to the beautiful Munyarwanda woman’s ‘hideout’ in a Buziga house in Kampala.

Byukusenge accuses her long-time ‘boyfriend’ named Faisal of leading Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) operatives to Buziga where she says she had gone to visit a friend.

CMI operatives picked Byukusenge from Buziga barely two days since she arrived in Uganda to check on her mother in Nalukolongo.

She would stay in detention for one month, only to be deported to Rwanda via the Kagitumba border point on May 05.

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On May 06, a day after she arrived back home, Byukusenge told Rwandan media she believes Faisal betrayed her by leading CMI operatives to her friend’s home in Buziga.

The relationship between Byukusenge and Faisal is not clear: whether she was a friend, a boyfriend or just an acquaintance.

Byukusenge didn’t know Faisal’s other name.

Yet Byukusenge says Faisal was among the few people in her circles who knew she was in Kampala.

Faisal had called Byukusenge to ask her to meet him, insisting it would only be fair for them to meet since they had spent a long time without seeing each other.

“This individual was among the very few people who knew that I was coming to Uganda and he turned out to be one of the people who arrested me,” Byukusenge told Rwandan reporters.

“When he called a day after I arrived in Kampala, I told him I was visiting a friend in Buziga. I promised I would find time and meet up with him.”

Minutes after Byukusenge shares her address and location with Faisal, the man was at the Buziga house to “greet her.”

But Faisal was not alone: he had with him three men, Byukusenge later learnt were CMI operatives.

She says neither the operatives nor her friend Faisal offered answers to her questions regarding her sudden arrest. That even Faisal pretended he was shocked.

“I asked the person I was going to see what was going on but he acted like he had no idea about what was happening,” she claimed.

Minutes later, the CMI operatives put Faisal into another vehicle as they drove to a place she would later learn was Mbuya.

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