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Here’s the Truth About the Relationship Between CJ Martha Koome & IG Japheth Koome

IG Japheth Koome and Chief Justice Martha Koome. Courtesy Photo

Kenya’s new Inspect General of National Police (IG) Japheth Koome has cleared the air about reports that he is related to the country’s Chief Justice Martha Koome by either blood or marriage. 

Nominated by newly elected president Dr William Samoei Ruto, Koome was on Friday, November 11 sworn in as the new IG. Interestingly, Chief Justice Martha Koome presided over the ceremony for the swearing-in of the new Inspector General of Police.

Japheth Koome did not waste time but used his inaugural speech to set the record straight on his rumored relationship with the Chief Justice. Japheth Koome made it clear that Martha Koome was not his wife nor was he the CJ’s brother.

“I have seen some people claiming that I am related to Chief Justice Martha Koome. Some have said that Martha is my wife. Nothing can be further from the truth,” said Koome. “I have no blood relation to the CJ, it’s just that she is married to a Koome, and my last name is Koome.”

Japheth Koome also revealed that he does “admire Madam Koome because she is a great leader who has served this country diligently.”

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