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Here are 10 Reasons why NGO Bureau banned Bryan White Foundation

Government, through the National Bureau for NGOs (NGO Bureau), has suspended the operations of Bryan White Foundation, run by city socialite Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White.

The NGO Bureau revoked Bryan White Foundation’s license and deregistered it, meaning it can no longer operate as an organization.

Patrick Onen Ezaga from the NGO Bureau told reporters at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala on September 18 that the socialite refused to offer his defence in allegations levelled against him in one month despite a notice sent to the Foundation on July 22 in accordance with Section 7, 29(4a), 33(1a) and 32(2) of the NGO Act.

After waiting for the Foundation to respond since July 2020, the semi-autonomous body under the Ministry of Internal Affairs (established by the NGO Act 2016) was left with no option but to revoke the organisation’s license and deregister it.

“Based on these findings and failure by the organisation to respond to the notice to show cause, the NGO bureau has taken a decision to revoke the permit of operation of Bryan White Foundation and to cancel the certificate of registration of Bryan White Foundation,” said Onen.

“Therefore, the existence of Bryan White Foundation as an organisation recognized by the NGO Bureau ceases with immediate effect.”

Onen noted that The NGO Bureau “has been actively monitoring the ‪Bryan White Foundation.”

He also said the body had also received a petition from the Vice Chairperson of the Committee on Human Rights and Parliament of Uganda on May 26 informing them on allegations of sexual harassment against Bryan White.

Some of the girls that had worked under Bryan White had complained of sexual harassment. They included Vivian Mutanda and Stella Nandawula.

The committee had also raised questions on the purpose of the registration of Bryan White Foundation.

According to the Bureau, Bryan White Foundation has veered off its objectives as outlined during registration.


1.       There is no any evidence of any beneficiaries of the organization. There are no formal systems and structures in the organisation. Hence it is operating in contravention of its internal governance documents.

2.       Bryan White Foundation is a member-based organisation but there is no evidence of a members’ register; the articles of association provide for an annual general meeting [AGM] as the supreme decision making organ of the organisation and the board of directors appointed by the AGM  

3.       Whereas the Bryan White Foundation has a valid Permit of operation, it did not validate and it has neither updated its status nor notified the NGO Bureau on anything regarding its operations. However, there is no evidence of the existence of any of these organs.

4.       Bryan White Foundation documents show that Mr Brian White is the executive director of the organisation. With the absence of structures like the board of directors and the AGM, the position of board of directors held by Mr Kirumira Brian is null and void and hence an absolute nullity

5.       Much as the file of the Bryan White Foundation at the NGO bureau shows that the physical address of the organisation is at Musajjalumbwa, Rubaga Road, Rubaga Division, the organisation has no office in the stated location. The NGO Bureau found a banner hanging infront of an incomplete building

6.       Bryan White Foundation didn’t register with the Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) for accountability in accordance with the provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2013

7.       No significant transactions on the Foundation’s bank accounts save for a one-off case where Bryan White deposited and withdrew Shs10m

8.       The organisation has no clear sources of funding, and has unclear channels of financial transactions

9.       The organisation has not filed any audited accounts and annual reports, hence no evidence of activities

10.   No Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) and other stakeholders who recommended the organisation

11.   No evidence of cooperation with district authorities.

12.   The Foundation was a one-man show organisation and a sham registered with a possible hidden motive rather than for the stated objectives at registration.

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