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Health Ministry Reveals when Most Vaccine Doses in Uganda Will Expire

Health minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng. Courtesy Photo

Uganda’s Ministry of Health (MoH) has spoken out on reports that most of the Covid19 vaccine doses are about to expire.

Uganda has millions of unadministered vaccines in National Medical Stores (NMS).

This would mean that if unused before their expiry date, the vaccine doses will have to be destroyed.

Recently, Nigeria destroyed over one million doses of Astrazeneca vaccine doses after they expired.

Now, contrary to reports that millions of vaccine doses would expire soon due to low uptake, MoH has announced that most of the doses will expire in the next five months.

“Ministry of Health would like to clarify that the earliest expiry of Covid19 vaccines held at NMS is May 2022 contrary to false reports by Daily Monitor circulating on social media,” said the Ministry in a statement.

It further expressed optimism that most of the vaccine doses will have been administered by then.

“With collaboration with the Local Governments and other partners, we hope to utilize all the vaccines that we have in stock when they are still potent,” added MoH.

“We encourage the general public to take your jab to protect yourself and your people.”

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