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HE WILL CRY! More Trouble for Speaker Anita Among ‘Critic’ Anderson Burora as President’s Office Reveals What Awaits Him

I Warned Anderson Burora Four Times But He Didn’t Listen to Me – Kakande

Anderson Burora

Herbert Anderson Burora, the suspended Rubaga Deputy RCC, might be in more trouble if a statement by Yunus Kakande, the Presidency Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, is anything to go by. Ps Kakande seemed to suggest that Burora could shed more tears soon for his criticism of Speaker Anita Among and for demanding answers on the allegations of corruption, abuse of office and nepotism at Parliament of Uganda.

When Yunus Kakande, the Permanent Secretary, Office of the President, appeared before Parliament’s Presidential Affairs Committee to present the office’s budget estimates for FY2024-25, an opposition FDC MP expressed disappointment in the manner in which Burora was demanding accountability from Parliament and its Speaker Anita Among.

“I have seen the need for capacity building. Our RDCs need to be sensitized a lot on the rules and mandates and where they should stop. What has so far been done to the Deputy RCC Rubaga who spoke derogatory messages about Parliament? What has the Presidency done?” asked Denis Oneka, the Kitgum Municipality MP.

In response, PS Kakande said he had warned Burora against his statements in the mainstream and social media but the youthful deputy RCC had refused to listen.

Kakande revealed that he would soon drag Burora to the Rewards and Sanctions Committee for interdiction and for his salary to be significantly cut.

“We called him (Burora), suspended him, now we are going to send him to the reward and sanctions Committee for interdiction and be on half pay, that is the process how we weed them out. I called that RDC four times in my office, to desist from going to the press because our regulations and Public Standing Orders don’t allow them, unless I have given special permission,” said Kakande.

“I advised him, he refused so what I did, I suspended him and after suspension, I am going to take him to rewards and sanctions Committee and then interdict him completely.”

Last week, the President’s Office suspended Burora for ‘exposing’ corruption, abuse of office and nepotism in the Anita Among-led Parliament. Speaker Anita Among has attempted to sweep the allegations of rot – corruption, abuse of office and nepotism at Parliament – under the carpet, blaming the Anti-Homosexuality Act, and a former speaker who wants her job for sponsoring an online exhibition to expose Parliament’s rot. (See Details Here and There).

Suspended deputy RCC Burora has sworn that he will never kneel to apologize to Speaker Anita Among. In fact, Burora says that Anita Among is either holding President Museveni to ransom or blackmailing the head of state. (See Details Here and There).

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