HE WAS DRUNK: MP Ssewungu Reveals Shocking Reasons Why Afrigo Band Singer Moses Matovu Embarrassed Him On Stage (Watch Video) - The Pearl Times HE WAS DRUNK: MP Ssewungu Reveals Shocking Reasons Why Afrigo Band Singer Moses Matovu Embarrassed Him On Stage (Watch Video) - The Pearl Times

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HE WAS DRUNK: MP Ssewungu Reveals Shocking Reasons Why Afrigo Band Singer Moses Matovu Embarrassed Him on Stage (Watch Video)

Moses Matovu and Joseph Ssewungu Gonzaga

Kalungu West MP Joseph Ssewungu Gonzaga of Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP) has claimed that Afrigo Band lead singer Moses Matovu bitterly attacked him on stage during a show because he could have been under the influence of alcohol or some frustration due to the singing group’s challenges. 

All was going well on October 28 night as Afrigo Band’s Matovu and Kabuye Ssemboga sang and performed at Club Guvnor in Kampala in what was dubbed the Friday Night Live until MP Ssewungu was seen on stage and the veteran singer was seen venting his anger against him. For some few minutes, Moses Matovu shouted at Ssewungu, told the guests how Parliament was not as useful as thought, and made it clear that he would not entertain those who want to mix politics in the music industry.

The video clips on this expression of anger spread more online than the rest of the content of the show by the legendary band and performing artists. In the clips, Matovu was heard saying that we was tired of of people who do not appreciate the good music that the band has given the country for many decades.

Matovu was so angry that he told MP Ssewungu that he should stop thinking that he can order him on what to do as a performer nor tell him what to sing or how to sing it. He challenged the Kalungu law maker to blow the trumpet or any other musical instrument if he thought that he was so important and if he thought that he is the one who taught him how to play these instruments. (MP Ssewungu is a former teacher who jumped into politics from which he has derived fame — and perhaps some good amount of money and wealth).

He then punched holes in the work of parliament, making it clear to the staunch Catholic politician from Kalungu that the legislative arm of government he belonged to as a member was not of so much impact to the nation and its people. He then accused him of wanting to politicize the show and the music industry and of not appreciating how Afrigo Band has entertained the country for over the years.

He was unhappy that although the band had entertained Uganda for all these many years, a number of people had continued to choose what he suggested were not so rich and educative songs. He was unhappy that some people have continues to express their gratitude and to support songs such as jayo ntekeyo and munda eli while ignoring the good music from Afrigo.

During his rant that left revelers shocked, Matovu even dared Ssewungu to shoot him if he can. Bouncers would get MP Ssewungu off stage as Matovu continued venting his anger against him by throwing verbal missiles at him. It was reported that Ssewungu had attempted to give Moses Matovu some money in appreciation for his ever admirable performances before the singer burst out at him.


In an interview he gave to Buganda Kingdom television stations BBS Terefayina, MP Ssewungu

“Matovu was very bitter, he was [allegedly] drunk. He had been quarelling for the past 20 minutes; he shouted at people. But some people say he has his frustrations, that some of his band members ran away from his and refused to leave Canada and return to Uganda,” said Ssewungu.

He also suggested that he and Sseruga Matovu were trying to calm down Moses Matovu after being very angry with a fan who had disagreed with him over how many songs the band should present before the show could end.

This is not the first time there has been such wars of words captured live on stage. In fact, big name politicians and top government officials have not only exchanged verbal artillery on live shows but have gone as far as nearly punching each other. For example, months ago, Government Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo nearly punched Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago during a live NBS TV show. (Watch Video and Read Stories Here and There).

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