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He wanted asylum abroad: Bobi Wine speaks on Kibalama’s claims that NUP confiscated his passport

Kibalama and Bobi Wine. Courtesy Photos

National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has dismissed reports by former party leader Moses Nkonge Kibalama that the political organization confiscated his passport.

Speaking at Mosa Courts in Kampala following his court appearance on September 25, Kibalama claimed officials at the Kamwokya-based party had held his passport.

But Bobi Wine says Kibalama had handed over his passport and other documents to NUP voluntarily.

Bobi, also the Kyadondo East MP, revealed that NUP’s lawyers were helping seek asylum for Kibalama in a safer country outside Uganda.

“How shameful! [of Kibalama to claim we confiscated his papers],” said Bobi Wine.

He then explained that “after he [Kibalama] was severely threatened and intimidated by the regime, he desperately reached out to us and requested us to help him secure asylum in a safer country.”

“We requested for his passport and other documents to assist him. We handed these to a human rights lawyer who has been handling his file,” continued Bobi Wine.

“Since he now needs it, we shall accordingly give it back to him as soon as he comes for it and signs to acknowledge receipt of it.”

Bobi Wine insists Kibalama was compromised to betray him [his nephew Bobi Wine].

“When I saw him in court testifying against me and my comrades and telling lies under oath, I couldn’t believe my eyes,” he said.

He for example claimed that while Kibalama had, on Bobi’s lawyer Medard Lubega Sseggona’s prompting, sought court’s help to regain his freedom from UPDF, he later changed his mind.

“I told him that it is only the truth that could set him free. I told him to tell court the truth. Sadly, he seemed too intimidated and compromised,” said Bobi.

“Although some truths were escaping him under oath, I saw my own Kojja overpowered by the fear of death and the love of money! These are the two chains used to enslave both his body and mind.”

Earlier on September 25, Bobi Wine had claimed the military had tortured Kibalama.

“I got an opportunity to speak in private with Kibalama. He disclosed to me that he has been tortured in detention where he is held by security,” Bobi had claimed.

“He said one of his toe nails was plucked out. He is in pain, he is captive and he can not express himself freely.”

But hours later, Kibalama denied having been tortured.

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