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HE OR SHE? Ugandans Shocked as Besigye Son Anselm Appears to Have ‘Grown Boobs’

Anselm Besigye

Anselm Besigye, son to opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye and UNAIDS executive director Winnie Byanyima, is a young man who is keen to live his life, despite what nosy Ugandans think about him. 

And almost every time Anselm’s photos have made it to the internet, Ugandans have reacted, most of them negatively. From his hair, to his dress code and now to what some think are boobs on his chest, Anselm Besigye is again in the news, with social media ‘parents’ raising eyebrows.

Here are some of the comments:

The fact is Winnie Byanyima and Kizza Besigye you have failed as parents. The African community will never forgive you.Kaliisa Godfrey @GodfreyKaliisa

Is Anselm transgendering or Anselm has always been a girl? Those titties ain’t male (male fat). Wabula Besigye yatomela. — Baz Waiswa @BazWaiswa

I remember little Anselm, boy then, when KB was in exile back in early 2000s. I vividly remember how vocal he was. I had faith he would turn into a real activist in future. Of course until he left Uganda for the white man’s land. Brainwashing at it’s best.Kituyi Uwo Buyeyi wo’Masayi @KituyiUwoBuyeyi

Question is, how should we RESPECTFULLY address and identify Anselm Besigye? Is he– that’s what I think he’s biologically– a he or a she?The Oracle of Bigobyamugyenyi. @JrTandeka

Our generation has grown up having Dr. KB and Winnie as a source of inspiration, and trust me every time we see Anselm with the direction he took, it hurts us coz he is much of a brother to us! We continue to put him in our prayers coz we know God can show him the light someday. — Timothy Kibumba @TKibumba

There were several other Ugandans who defended Anselm Besigye and saluted his mother.

This is not the first time Anselm Besigye has been in the news for the ‘bad reasons.’  Months ago, Ugandans were shocked after Anselm appeared to be wearing what looked to some people as ‘knickers.’ Some even claimed that Anselm was gay. (Read Story Here).

Anselm has also reportedly introduced his white girlfriend to his parents. (Read Story Here).


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