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HE MUST APOLOGIZE: Ugandans React after Raila Odinga Called Uganda One of the ‘Worst’ Countries

Museveni welcomes Odinga

Kenyan 2022 presidential election frontrunner Raila Amolo Odinga is on the spot for listing Uganda among worst or failed nations that his motherland does not want to be associated with.

Speaking at a campaign meeting with University of Nairobi lecturers, the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party flagbearer said Kenyans do not want to compare their country with the worst nations in the world.

“Other people have continued to compare Kenya with countries around us. Oh, look at Somalia, look at Ethiopia, South Sudan, look at Uganda and so on,” said Raila.

“Kenyans does not want to be compared with the worst in the world. We should be compared with success stories and I give people the examples.”

Raila’s statement drew mixed reactions from Ugandans, with some even calling on the elderly politician from Bondo to apologize.

Some expressed their disappointment with the veteran politician’s statements while other praised him for speaking the truth. Below are some of the comments:

If Odinga and his camp feel that Uganda is useless, then they are not fit for the top office. Sudhir Byaruhanga @Sudhirntv

When Raila Odinga was escaping persecution in Kenya, going into exile in Norway, he escaped through UGANDA, using fake names Joseph Ojiwa and later Hajji Omar. Uganda treated him very well. Today, he says Uganda is among the worst in the world. Is this dementia? — Duncan Abigaba @DuncanAbigaba

Mr. Raila Odinga wouldn’t have described as like that! Is Uganda so worse to be put in public as among the worst?! That gentleman has had several sanctuary stints here during his troubles, but… If someone is ugly, never tell him/her that, just kept it with you. — John Nsereko Mutumba @JohnNserekoMut1

Most Ugandans agree with Raila Odinga, Uganda is the Worst Country in the World. We are very disrespectful.Lanzle @Lanzle3

The ‘Patriots; are pissed because Raila Odinga said Uganda is among the worst 3 Countries in the world. Counter him with facts not emotions. 1Million Kshs = 32 Million Ugx and they change Presidents regularly democratically.Ismael Serunjogi @SeruIshmael

Yes, I agree, we are not where they are, in terms of implementing their development policy goals. What I dislike is Raila‘s mindset. It shows that colonialism was very effective in dividing Africa. If Congo isn’t okay, Uganda is not okay, If South Africa is not okay, Africa isn’t.Finn @13f1nn

I will do, of course I agree with mzee Raila that Uganda among others have far worse problems to settle and can’t be compared to Kenya but it is also not good to pretend that all is well with our neighbors, there is a bigger leadership problem facing our East African region. — Mukhwana Venon @venonsmiles

Raila will apologize for those words if he ever steps in Uganda. Rodgers Tumwesigye @TumwesigyeRodg1 

Raila airings didn’t mind political correctness. He said it. Uganda is indeed a bad example in the region. Now that’s a truthful person. Bamweyana Omulalu @BamweyanaMulalu

Raila made the controversial statements about two months since holding talks with Museveni in Entebbe. (Read Story Here).

Meanwhile, Museveni has previously answered the question of the person he supports and the one he wants to succeed Uhuru Kenyatta — between Raila Odinga and William Ruto — as president of Kenya. (Read Story Here).

WHICH SIDE, BABA? Raila Odinga torn between Besigye & Museveni or Playing Both?

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