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Hakim Kasibante vs William Kawuki: Who exactly rode bleeding Katumba Wamala to Malcom Clinic?

William Kawuki, another Bodaboda riders at the Kisota Road stage, has claimed he is the one who rode bleeding Gen Edward Katumba Wamala to Malcom Clinic, and not Hakim Kasibante.

Television, radio and newspaper time and space had been committed to profile Kasibante as the hero who saved the life of bleeding Katumba Wamala by riding him to the clinic for first aid.

He had even talked to Katumba Wamala on phone.

The former works and transport minister, involved in a June 01 morning shooting that claimed the lives of his daughter Brenda Nantongo and driver Haruna Kayondo, had praised Kasibante for his kindness.

Kasibante had told all and sundry he needed no reward from Katumba Wamala “because he is a father.”

That he was just helping save a life.

But his profile captured how he was yet to complete clearing the loan for the motorcycle that rode the general to Malcom Clinic.

He also talked of future plans to own more motorcycles (bodabodas), and a car.

Yet now, Kawuki claims he is the real Bodaboda captured in a viral video rushing Wamala and his bodyguard Khalid Koboyoit to the clinic.

Kawuki says he even recalls asking Katumba Wamala to remove his shirt so the nurses at Malcom Clinic could examine him, and offer him the necessary first aid.

That two bodaboda riders are claiming to have ridden the same patient to the same clinic at the same time has raised questions for which detectives must seek answers.

Who, between Kasibante and Kawuki, is telling the truth?

A look at the video in the story we previously seems to suggest Kawuki.

Video: Watch the moment Bodaboda riders rushed Katumba Wamala to Hospital to save him from bleeding to death

In case Kasibante is telling lies, what is his intention? Did he want to lie his way to fame and wealth? The same questions are still valid in case Kawuki is telling lies.

If it is proven that one of the two lied, could they be connected to the assailants? Was this an attempt by one of them to cover up links to the assailants?

Or are these two – or just one of them – just desperate for fame, attention and a way to acquire quick money, and have no connection with the assailants?

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