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Government increases public gatherings to 200 people

Dr Jane Ruth Aceng

As presidential campaigns officially started on Monday, government has now allowed politicians to at least have 200 people as opposed to earlier 70.

According to the minister of Health Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, government has revised the number of people for a meeting from 70 to 200 but they must observe social distancing and other standard operating procedures against COVID-19.

‘’All aspiring candidates should ensure that their gatherings do not go beyond 200 people, must have a facemask, keep two meters apart and avoid using open car roofs and waving to the population’’ said Dr Aceng

Dr Aceng said bars will remain closed but Casinos, gymnasiums, massage parlours and gaming outlets will resume business but operating time limited between 6:30am to 7pm. Mobile markets, cinemas and gyms were also cleared to reopen on Saturday as long as they maintain social distancing.

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