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Good News for Headteachers & Their Deputies as Museveni Government Approves Shs4m Allowance

All secondary school headteachers and deputy headteachers will begin earning an annual allowance of nearly Shs4m, the Ministry of Public Service has announced. 

Secondary school heads with arts qualifications will not benefit from this move, which government hopes to use to resolve the salary disparities scenario where science teachers earn more than headteachers and their deputies.

The allowance for science headteachers and their deputies, according to a recently issued salary establishment notice, will be Shs330,708 every month, translating into about Shs3.9 every year.

The salary of a secondary school head teacher is Shs 2.35m while that of a deputy is Shs 1.74m.

With this new allowance, a science secondary school head teacher will be earning Shs 2.63m every month while a deputy will be smiling to the bank for his or her Shs 2.03m every 30 days.

As for secondary school head teachers and deputy head teachers, they will be earning salaries that are way low that what will be pocketed by senior science teachers (senior education officers) who will be earning Shs 4.25m every month, science classroom teachers (science education officers) who will be getting Shs 4m, and assistant education officers (diploma holders) who will be getting Shs 2.2m every month.

Yet these secondary school bosses, who will be earning less than science teachers, will be supervising their juniors who government pays more.

Meanwhile, it has also been revealed that the Ministry of Public Service is planning to revise the salaries of headteachers and deputy headteachers after the 300 per cent enhancement of science teachers’ pay upset the salary structure, creating disparities that could be problematic for management in schools.

According to the recently issued salary establishment notice, the allowance will be scrapped as and when government has enhanced salaries of all head teachers and their deputies in all secondary schools across the country.

The new salary structure for the 2022-2023 Financial Year, show how much all government employees will be earning every month is Here.

Meanwhile, government has scrapped some allowances for health workers. (Read Story about new changes in allowances for medical officers Here).

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