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GO & SERVE MUSEVENI IN PEACE! Norbert Mao ‘Fired’ by DP Bloc Principals; Set to be Replaced

Minister Norbert Mao. Courtesy Photo

A section of principals of the Democratic Party Bloc (DP Bloc) say they have fired Norbert Mao as the President General of the political organization. 

The leaders of DP Bloc, which includes Mao’s Democratic Party and its former breakaway factions such as the Social Democratic Party (SDP) of ex-MP Mike Mabikke, Truth and Justice (TJ) of former presidential candidate Samuel Lubega Mukaaku, says that Mao ceased to be president of his own party and loose political bloc the moment he sided with the ruling party.

Meeting in Kampala, the DP Bloc heads led by Mukaaku said Mao will soon be replaced as the coalition’s and his own party’s leader. Mukaaku and others accuse Mao of not consulting them before signing the cooperation agreement between him and NRM’s Museveni.

Mukaaku vowed to block Mao from all DP and other opposition political activities, saying he has betrayed the struggle and should now go and serve Museveni and his government in peace.

The disgruntled DP members also insisted that the cooperation agreement was only meant to benefit at least five leaders, notably Mao, Secretary General Gerald Blacks Siranda, National Chairman Dr Kiwanuka Mayambala, Deputy Party President Fred Mukasa Mbidde and Christine Mugerwa Kasule, the National Organizing Secretary of the Party (Deputy Secretary General).

Mukaaku and other DP Bloc principals say they have fired Mao, SG Siranda, National Chairman Mayambala, Mukasa Mbidde and Mugerwa Kasule, and want them replaced as soon as possible.

It should be remembered that the DP Bloc failed to meet its objectives and collapsed after Bobi Wine and his People Power pressure group left to acquire their own political party, NUP. Consequently, there was a fallout between Mao and Bobi Wine and a number of DP members crossed over to the Kamwokya-based NUP, helping the party to emerge as the main opposition party.

Meanwhile, Norbert Mao has fired back at those who claim to have fired him, saying that he is not going anywhere. (Read Story Here).

You can read the full cooperation agreement between Museveni and Norbert Mao HERE.

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