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GO BACK TO SCHOOL! Ugandans Tell Off Museveni Minister After She Failed to Express Herself in English

President Museveni

A minister in President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s government has left Ugandans shocked after she failed to write sentences in the English Language. 

A first timer in Museveni’s cabinet of fishermen (and fisherwomen), the female minister left Ugandans struggling to figure out what she mean.

Agness Nandutu, the State Minister for Karamoja Affairs in the Office of the Prime Minister, Government of Uganda, was trying to salute the national army, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), for their in pacifying Karamoja sub region.

Nandutu, who is also the Bududa District Woman MP in the 11th Parliament, also sought to inform citizens how rich Karamoja was in terms of natural resources.

She also wanted to praise her boss Gen Museveni and to reassure Ugandans that the old man from Rwakitura was committed to transforming Karamoja.

But what the minister wrote seemed to tell Ugandans more about her mastery of the Queen’s language.

To understand why some people are telling her to return to school to learn some basic English or hire a competent social media assistant, check out Nandutu’s statement below:

Kudos to Uganda Defence Forces for the work you are doing to pacify the Karamoja. If we are insecure, the region is reach in terms Animal, tourism, culture economy, mention but a few. Our President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is determined on the social and ecotically transformation.

I admire the English. – Jim Spire Ssentongo @SpireJim

Hon. Agness Nandutu, with all due respect IMPROVE your English vocabulary & grammar in order to WRITE more effective reports here on social media. How can a former JOURNALIST have English problems with such grammatical ERRORS? Hire Timothy Kalyegira to be your Communications Editor. Michael Wandati @MichaelWandati

Your grammar needs economic emancipation. Jacobs Odongo Seaman @JacobsOSeaman

As UPDF works on security, work on getting a professional social media handler, ma’am. This tweet shows why you desperately need one.TOKO @GodwinTOKO

Hahaha and I thought it was my UPE english of Karamoja giving me problems. And why did you people snub our cultural event of indeed you have us at heart? You two are a disgrace to KaramojaBetty Lomuria @blomuria

I think the day she left NTV Uganda Newsroom the editors there can have some sleep. Imagine her daily stories. – Silva Kiwanuka @kiwanukasilva

Agness Nandutu, a former NTV Uganda reporter, is not new to controversy. Weeks ago, she claimed that NUP leader Bobi Wine sent food to famine-stricken Karamoja not to save lives but to gain cheap popularity. (Read Story Here).

There were also some reports that some angry Karamojong youths nearly beat her. But she punched holes in the video showing a government official who narrowly survived death. (Read Story Here).

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