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GET OUT! Museveni Curses Guinea Coup Plotters who Overthrew his Friend Alpha Conde

Overthrown President Alpha Conde, coup leader Mamady Doumbouya and President Museveni

Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni touched on a number of issues on Africa and the world, including the coup d’état in Guinea where his friend Alpha Conde was overthrown, in his interview with France 24.

Museveni told France 24’s Marc Perelman that the coup in Guinea should be condemned.

He also called for sanctions against the coup plotters, adding that the should be shown the exit door.

Museveni criticized the coup plotters for dragging their country backwards.

“That’s unfortunate. It’s a step backwards. Those military coups are of low value. We had them in the 1960s. They were part of Africa’s problems. So I condemn the coups. I don’t accept the idea of coups. Those coups aren’t a solution,” he said.

“Yes [there should be sanctions against the coup plotters]. They should be told to get away because they are not a solution to the problems of the country.”

Presidents Museveni and Conde were friends, with the Guinean leader attending Museveni’s inauguration in May 2021. On his previous visits, Conde has also toured several projects in the country.

On hosting Afghan evacuees, Museveni said these wouldn’t be a security threat to Uganda, and even if they were, Kampala and Washington would handle it.

He went on fault the US for engaging in “other people’s wars” in Afghanistan.

On Somalia, Museveni noted that Uganda would pull her troops out of Somalia if the ‘political Aids’ (political squabbles amongst leaders] persisted.

The president also expressed his readiness to deploy in Mozambique to flush out a jihadist group that took over the oil-rich northern part of Mozambique.

Museveni noted that the Mozambican jihadist group was linked to Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

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