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GET ON WITH YOUR LIVES! Winnie Byanyima Tells Off Nosy Ugandans Blasting Son Anselm Besigye for ‘Growing Boobs’

Anselm Besigye and his mother Winnie Byanyima

UNAIDS Executive Director Winnie Byanyima has told off Ugandans who are blasting his son Anselm Besigye over his dressing style and over a recent picture in which he appears to have ‘grown boobs.’

In conservative Uganda, people have over the years taken issue with the way Anselm, son to opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye, dresses and socializes. For example, they have criticized him for growing dreadlocks, claimed he puts on knickers and recently complained about his ‘boobs.’

But Anselm’s mother Winnie Byanyima has told Ugandans criticizing his son to mind their business and leave his son alone. The UNAIDS boss also listed his son’s academic and activism achievements, saying he was very proud of him despite criticism from several ‘social media parents.’

“I’m proud of Anselm. A Harvard graduate who won the prestigious Hoopes Prize for his research and on his way to University of Chicago for graduate studies. A longtime activist with Palestinian rights movements and other justice struggles. An Arabic speaker, a great cook and more. Get on with your life!” wrote Byanyima.

Days ago, Anselm Besigye left Ugandan ‘social media parents and other relatives’ shocked and cursing after he appeared to have ‘grown boobs.’ Anselm had also previously appeared to put on something people said were ‘knickers.’ (Read Stories Here and There).


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Even Anselm’s mother Winnie Byanyima is not new to controversy. Weeks ago, Winnie Byanyima was blasted by some conservative Baganda after she shook hands with the Kabaka of Buganda while standing instead of kneeling down. (Read Story Here).

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