Gen Salim Saleh Warns: Tribalism Can Destroy Us (Watch Video)  - The Pearl Times Gen Salim Saleh Warns: Tribalism Can Destroy Us (Watch Video)  - The Pearl Times

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Gen Salim Saleh Warns: Tribalism Can Destroy Us (Watch Video) 

Salim Saleh. Courtesy Photo

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s young brother Gen (Rtd) Caleb Akandwanaho aka Salim Saleh has warned that tribalism can cause the collapse of the Ugandan society. 

The issue of tribalism has been prominently mentioned in Uganda’s post-independence politics. Even Gen Museveni’s government has not been spared of the accusations of tribalism.

Now, Museveni’s brother Gen Saleh says that almost all Ugandans are guilty of seeking to return to a Uganda of the past where individuals pushed the interests of their tribes instead of the national agenda.

“All of us have gone back to tribes,” said Gen Salim Saleh, who is also the Chief Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), during the kuhingira ceremony of his daughter Esiteeri at the weekend.

Gen Saleh went on to say that him and several National Resistance Army (NRA) combatants had been trained in Mozambique how dangerous tribalism can be for a country like Uganda.

He added that tribalism had the capacity of causing societal collapse.

“For us we, were trained for two years in Montepuez [in Mozambique that] tribalism is bad and once you try looking at yourselves as tribes, then whole society collapses,” Gen Salim Saleh told his guests. 

Under Museveni’s regime, the president and his government has been accused of favoring the Banyankore and other tribes from western Uganda. But Museveni has come out to respond to allegations that Banyankore and other westerners dominate government jobs. He has also warned Ugandans against dragging the UPDF into tribalism talk, (Read Stories and Response Here and There).

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Meanwhile, Gen Salim Saleh’s appearance at his daughter’s marriage ceremony was the first one in many months, putting an end to rumors of his death. (Read Story Here).

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