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Gen Peter Elwelu: God has sent me to Parliament to do His work

Gen Peter Elwelu: God has sent me to Parliament to do His work

Just five years since he commander the killing of over 100 Rwezururu Kingdom Royal guards, Lt Gen Peter Elwelu, one or the 10 UPDF representatives in the 11th Parliament, says God has sent him to the House to do His work.

Lt Gen Elwelu took oath of office on May 18.

Speaking to reporters after his swearing-in, Elwelu said: “God has now sent me he at Parliament to do His work. If I had committed crimes, I would be in prison.”

The general made it clear only God and courts of law could judge him “because we are all sinners.”

Five years since he ordered the killing of Royal guards and their family members in Rwezururu Kingdom in 2016, Elwelu is yet to have any regrets, after all he Commander-in-chief Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni rewarded him with a promotion.

In 2016, he was at the rank of brigadier, and commander of UPDF second division.

He bragged his decision had made Rwezururu peaceful, and that those killed deserved death.

“Even ICC set me free and said you have no case to answer, so what are you talking about? Those were criminals, I didn’t kill anybody else. They deserved to die because I was on the ground and you were not on the ground, that’s the problem,” he said.

“I know I’m a judge of my own during my work, I understand and that is what I do, I know what I do that’s why I have no problems here. Uganda is peaceful because of my actions and Kasese is peaceful, they are doing very well. Did you hear any problems with Kasese again? Only quiet.”

His raid left 153 people lifeless, according to a 2017 Human Rights Watch report.

For these killings, the butcher of Rwezururu, as some have come to refer to Elwelu, had 16 petrol bombs, 47 pangas, 42 knives, three metal detectors, four radio calls, one SMG rifle, and one pistol with two magazines to prove how the Royal guards and Rwezururu Kingdom posed a threat to national security.

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