Gen Elly Tumwine sends clear message to Museveni: Leave power peacefully or prepare for Libya-like bloody situation


Gen Elly Tumwine has handed over the office of security minister to former bush war comrade Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi, with calls on President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni to prepare for a smooth transition and succession or risk throwing Uganda into Libya-like chaos.

Gen Tumwine, RO/00023, was one of the key fighters in the 1981-86 NRA bush war that brought the current NRM government to power.

He has served in several capacities, largely in defence and security.

Tumwine was one of the last remaining bush war fighters in the Museveni government.

Aged 76 and now in power since 1986, Museveni dropped Tumwine as minister, appointing him special security advisor.

After handing over the security minister office, Tumwine vowed to advise Museveni to think of a smooth transition of power.

“As I take on my new advisory role, I will advise President Museveni to prepare for a smooth transition of power for a long-term stability of our country,” Tumwine said after the handover.

Other reports quoted Tumwine as saying: “It’s time for Museveni to prepare for a smooth transition of power. I am going to talk to him and we see how to leave power peacefully and soon. Museveni’s succession must not be bloody like what was in Libya.”

Uganda has never had any peaceful transition from one leader to another in her post-independence history.

He added that he was “happy to be handing over to Maj. Gen Jim Muhwezi, a friend and an old-time comrade.”

He pledged his “resolute commitment to you [Muhwezi] in executing your official duties at the Ministry.”

On his part, Muhwezi said: “I thank my friend and a senior comrade Gen Tumwine for a smooth transition. I am not new to this ministry, therefore, I will cooperate with the staff to promote stability and harmony in our country.”

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