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FULL LIST: See Names of Nurses Confirmed for Government Payroll Jobs & Where They Have Been Posted (First Batch)

Museveni chats with leaders of the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Union (Unmu) in 2019. Courtesy Photo

The list of the first batch of enrolled nurses who have been confirmed for jobs in the education sector has been released. 

The list includes enrolled nurses posted to secondary schools across the country to work as school nurses.

These schools, according to an official list released by the Education Service Commission (ESC), include newly established seed schools.

In this batch, the nurses have been sent to school such as: Nakapelimoru Army Boarding Secondary School, Wera Seed Secondary School, Lake Albert SDA Secondary School, Mapeera Secondary School, Mazzoldi College, Nakaseke, Kisonko Secondary School, Rwamabara Secondary School, Nairambi Seed Secondary School, Kasagama Secondary School, Archbishop Bakyenga Vocational Secondary School – Kyamwiru, Keihangara Seed School, Kyangwali Secondary School, Kashozi Secondary School, Comboni Secondary School, Burungira, St Peter’s Secondary School – Kitura, Wabinyonyi Seed Secondary School, Rugorra Community Secondary School, and Muntu Seed Secondary School.

Others have been posted to Mutumba Seed Secondary School, Nakwasi Seed Secondary School, Kakule Seed Secondary School, Lubimbiri Public Secondary School, Nawandala Secondary School, Kitwe Secondary School, Binyiny Secondary School, Kapchorwa District, Bukomero Technical Institute, Wol Seed Secondary School, Kiyenje Secondary School, St James Kagulu Secondary School, St Raphael Vocational Secondary School- Birunduma, Nabukalu Secondary School, Bunyinza C.O.G Alliance College, and Butogota Trinity College.

Each has been assigned one enrolled nurse. See their names below:

Amanya Joshua ECN 15929 Nakapelimoru Army Boarding SS Enrolled Nurse
Acen Anna Janet ECN 11311 Wera Seed SS Enrolled Nurse
Ekyansimiire Dinavence EN 19044 Lake Albert SDA SS Enrolled Nurse
Nantege Cissy ECN 7457 Mapeera SS Enrolled Nurse
Sanyu Eva ECN 5364 Mazzoldi College, Nakaseke Enrolled Nurse
Rusa Edmon


EN 23042 Kisonko SS Enrolled Nurse
Namugera Ritah ECN 11128 Rwamabara SS Enrolled Nurse
Nassenge Swafuwa EN 17251 Nairambi Seed SS Enrolled Nurse
Kabahinda Mackline ECN 6643 Kasagama SS Enrolled Nurse
Kobusingye Robinah EN 24293 Archbishop Bakyenga Vocational SS – Kyamwiru Enrolled Nurse
Bakakunda Julian EN 25530 Keihangara Seed School Enrolled Nurse
Nakakooza Eflance EN 21639 Wabinyonyi Seed SS Enrolled Nurse
Kyahurwa Joan Lilian ECN 13940 Rugorra Community SS Enrolled Nurse
Achola Lydia Lystra EN 31750 Muntu Seed SS Enrolled Nurse
Nekesa Immaculate Kefa EN 24426 Mutumba Seed SS Enrolled Nurse
Awor Sophy EN 15817 Nakwasi Seed SS Enrolled Nurse
Sunday Queen EN 15392 Kakule Seed SS Enrolled Nurse
Nsengiyumva Domiyani EN 25793 Lubimbiri Public SS Enrolled Nurse
Mugala Mariam ECN 11822 Nawandala SS Enrolled Nurse
Byoona Seera ECN 4129 Kitwe SS Enrolled Nurse
Erika Fred EN 15106 Binyiny SS, Kapchorwa District Enrolled Nurse
Imutieri Lucy EN 19606 Bukomero Technical Institute Enrolled Nurse
Alal Paska EN 18149 Wol Seed SS Enrolled Nurse
Akankwasa Evalyne EN 19223 Kiyenje SS Enrolled Nurse
Nabiryo Margret EN 17056 St James Kagulu SS Enrolled Nurse
Asiimwe Mukama ECN 12801 St Raphael Vocational SS- Birunduma Enrolled Nurse
Buwala Emmily EN 17603 Nabukalu SS Enrolled Nurse
Matama Kwebiiha Sunny EN 17305 Kyangwali SS Enrolled Nurse
Keneema Max ECN 13147 Kashozi SS Enrolled Nurse
Twinomujuni Patience ECN 8966 Comboni SS, Burungira Enrolled Nurse
Nabukalu Annamary EN 9978 St Peter’s SS – Kitura Enrolled Nurse
Khayiyi Christine EN 19003 Bunyinza COG Alliance College Enrolled Nurse
Ashaba Praxeda EN 26194 Butogota Trinity College Enrolled Nurse


Meanwhile, the Education Service Commission has released the list of nearly 1,200 secondary school teachers who have been confirmed for government payroll jobs. (See Their Names Here).

It should be remembered that about 1,500 nurses who had applied for government payroll jobs failed interviews. (Read Story Here).

See how much money each newly confirmed nurse and teacher will be earning every month under the new salary structure HERE.

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