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Full list: Jeje Odongo releases only 177 names of missing Ugandans

Minister Jeje Odongo. Courtesy Photo

Internal affairs minister Gen Jeje Odongo has finally presented the list of missing Ugandans before Parliament.

Gen Odongo had skipped Tuesday plenary where he was expected to hand over the list.

His boss president Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni had ordered that the list be made public about three weeks ago.

Today, the minister presented a list of 177 people that are in the hands of security agencies.

“There are 43 persons arrested for participating in the riots, 156 found in possession of military stores, 17 arrested from meetings planning post-election violence, while 6 persons were released on police bond,” Odongo said.

Follow the link for the full list:

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