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Fresh Details Emerge on Busiika Shooting Where Two Police Officers Were Killed, Station Burnt

Busiika Police Station. Courtesy Photo

Details have emerged of a shooting on Monday evening at a police station in Busiika where two officers of the Uganda Police Force (UPF) were killed. The incident happened at around 07:30 pm on Monday, October 31, 2022. 

Preliminary findings indicate that a group of armed assailants raided the Busiika Police Station where they shot to death the two police officers who were on duty and leaving two others with serious injuries. It is said that attackers numbered up to seven and raided the station from at least three different sides. Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said the attackers were armed with a postol and an unknown number of other guns that they used to kill the officers and injure others.

Police chief IGP Martins Okoth Ochola has described the shooting as “senseless” and vowed to catch them so that they can be brought to book in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Uganda.

“The IGP has strongly condemned the senseless and violent attack on Busiika Police Station, which occurred on the 31.10.2022, at around 7.30pm, by a group of armed assailants, who shot and killed two police officers on duty, injured two others, one critically, and thereafter, robbed two police guns from them. The facts gathered indicate, that the assailants who were about 7, emerged from 3 different sides, two in front and one from behind, were armed with a pistol and guns,” said Enanga.

“Our specialist task teams are working diligently to identify and apprehend the suspects behind the deadly attack. We shall not rest until when they are arrested and brought to book. In addition, an emergency alert and deployment of extra manpower, has taken place.”

Those shot to death have been identified as Alex Wagaluka who was serving as the CID in charge at the station as well as Police Constable Moses Ongol. Those injured were PC Adrian Ochom and PC Stephen Odama who were taken to the Bombo Military General Hospital.

Before they could leave the station after grabbing two guns, the assailants set case files on fire and tried to torch the entire police station. Had the locals not intervened and put out the fire amidst threats of being shot dead by the ruthless attackers.

“They shot and killed, D/IP Wagaluka Alex, the in-charge CID and PC Ongol Moses, both attached to Busiika Police station. During the attack, the assailants injured two other police officers, who included; PC Ochom Adrian and PC Odama Stephen, who remains in critical condition. Both injured victims were rushed to Bombo Military General Hospital for further medical treatment,” said Enanga. “They also burnt several casefiles and attempted to burn the station. The fire was however, successfully put off by the community at Busiika Town Council. We do applaud the efforts of all persons who responded and saved the police station.”

The police spokesperson added: “The lGP has extended deepest condolences to the family, friends, relatives and workmates of the late D/IP Wagaluka Alex and PC Ongol Moses. He further wished the two injured officers, a quick recovery. And further reiterated that there was no justification, whatsoever, for the attack and acts of violence against police officers, on duty. We do honor the deceased officers; D/IP Wagaluka Alex and PC Ongol Moses, for their ultimate sacrifice, while serving the community in Busiika, Luweero and the country at large.”

Investigators are yet to conclusively detail the motive behind the attack but it is suspectd that they wanted to steal guns. The police are using a pistol dropped by the raiders as an exhibit and key material that will be used to further track the criminals. “Although the motive of the assailants is not yet determined, the fact that they killed, injured and robbed two guns, clearly reveals how they targeted guns, police personnel and the facility. The scene was cordoned by forensic experts for thorough documentation. A pistol that fell as the assailants fled from the scene, was recovered, and will be subjected for further ballistic examination,” noted Enanga.

It should be remembered that similar attacks on police stations and killings of police officers were reported in other districts and blamed on a rebel group whose suspected commander Frank David Ssemwogerere alias Col Nduggwa has been paraded before court. (See Details Here).

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