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Frank Tumwebaze on leaked Museveni cabinet list despite being Parliament’s Appointments Committee Member

Minister Frank Tumwebaze. Courtesy Photo

Outgoing gender, labour and social development minister Frank Tumwebaze is favorite for government chief job despite his ruling NRM party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) including his name on list of members of ParliamenItt’s Appointments Committee.

The inclusion of Tumwebaze on the committee that will vet nominated cabinet ministers and ministers of state (junior ministers had left many suggest Museveni had dropped him.

SHOCKER! Frank Tumwebaze reportedly dropped from Museveni Cabinet as NRM CEC posts him to Parliament’s Appointments Committee

But some in NRM, such as vice Chairperson for Buganda Godfrey Kiwanda Ssubi, had argued there was a possibility of those appointed to Parliament’s Appointments Committee to appear on the cabinet list.

And Kiwanda seems to have been right, especially if the leaked cabinet list published by Daily Monitor is anything to go by.

The list shows Tumwebaze is set to be appointed government chief whip, replacing Ruth Nankabirwa.

PRIME MINISTER JOB: Leaked cabinet list shows Lumumba, Nankabirwa tipped to replace Rugunda who could become NRM SG

The list also indicates former education and sports minister Jessica Alupo could return to cabinet to replace Tumwebaze as gender, labour and social development minister.


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