Frank Gashumba: Uganda's Useless Elite Who Ignored Bleeding Katumba Wamala Are Hyenas - The Pearl Times Frank Gashumba: Uganda's Useless Elite Who Ignored Bleeding Katumba Wamala Are Hyenas - The Pearl Times

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Frank Gashumba: Uganda’s useless elite who ignored bleeding Katumba Wamala are hyenas


THE USELESS ELITE | Frank M.Gashumba

They have gone to the best schools but if you did a DNA test on their character, you will find there’s no difference between them and a Hyena in Kidepo National Park!

Actually, they’re scavengers!

The assassins that took away the lives of Gen.Katumba Wamala’s daughter and driver (R.I.P), left him bleeding but we thank God he is still alive.

As he continued to bleed, these useless elites were driving passed him in their posh SUVs some bearing Government Number Plates, completely unbothered or showing any compassion to the bleeding general.

The Boda Boda members of our community who the elites refer to as hooligans are the ones who mobilized themselves and rushed the General to Hospital for first aid.

Video: Watch the moment Bodaboda riders rushed Katumba Wamala to Hospital to save him from bleeding to death

My sincere appreciation goes to the Boda Boda riders for their exhibition of the highest level of humanity (Ubuntu) amidst that chaos.

One Boda Boda rider is heard in the video saying; “if he has refused to go, we need to drag him to hospital by force.”

The incident leaves behind a powerful lesson to reflect on: never under-look any person based on their level of education or the work they do.

One day he/she might be your savior.

Who knew that one day, a four star general, a former CDF, a former inspector General of Police and Minister would be saved by a Boda Boda rider?

Very strange but true! Moral of the story; compassion is a much needed human value!

Frank Gashumba is the executive director of Sisimuka Uganda

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