Frank Gashumba: Bobi Wine Should Stop Saying Uganda Is Bleeding When He Is Busy Partying, Making Money - The Pearl Times Frank Gashumba: Bobi Wine Should Stop Saying Uganda Is Bleeding When He Is Busy Partying, Making Money - The Pearl Times

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Frank Gashumba: Bobi Wine Should Stop Saying Uganda is Bleeding When He is Busy Partying, Making Money

Bobi Wine and wife Barbie Kyagulanyi at a wedding, as well as Frank Gashumba

Sisimuka Uganda Founder and CEO Frank Gashumba has continued his attacks against main opposition party National Unity Platform (NUP) and its leader Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, telling the singer-turned-politician to stop telling his supporters and the world that Uganda is bleeding.

Bobi Wine has been using his social media posts and speeches home and abroad to paint a picture of a country that is bleeding due to alleged gross human rights violations the state security agencies have reportedly meted on mostly those opposed to the Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni regime.

In the run-up to the 2021 general elections, in which Bobi Wine was a presidential candidate and Museveni’s main challenger, hundreds of NUP supporters were brutally arrested and detained, while tens of others were killed in the November 2021 riots that followed the arrest of the pop star. The party, which is based in Kamwokya in the capital Kampala, also claims that scores of its supporters went missing, and that some could not be traced by security agencies especially after being ‘kidnapped’ by plain-clothed security officers in ‘drones.’ This is partly the basis of Bobi Wine’s assertion that Uganda is bleeding.

But Gashumba says that Bobi Wine should stop saying that Uganda is bleeding when he and his fellow NUP leaders are busy holding parties and making money in the country. Gashumba, a social and political commentator, insists that Bobi Wine has made almost all his money in Uganda, rising from the ghetto to a rich musician, MP and presidential candidate.

He also wants Bobi Wine to rein in his supporters to stop abusing people they disagree with or those who seek to expose them. NUP supporters have severally been accused of using social media to character assassinate those who criticize their boss Bobi Wine and their party.

“All I want is for Bobi Wine to put a stop on his people abusing people on social media. He also has to stop the saying that ‘Uganda is bleeding.’ We cannot have people partying, doing business and more in a country that is bleeding,” Gashumba told Urban Rush Talk.

Recently, Bobi Wine’s NUP supporters responded to Gashumba’s criticism of the party and its leader Bobi Wine by alleging that he (Gashumba) has been sleeping with his daughter Sheilah Gashumba. Frank Gashumba has since responded to the attacks. (Read Story Here).

The attacks against Gashumba have also been rotating around his tribe. Gashumba belongs to the Banyarwanda tribe, which is recognized as one of Uganda’s ethnic groups. In response to this line of attack, Gashumba has told Bobi Wine’s NUP supporters that nobody can chase Banyarwanda from Uganda because they are ‘the majority [sic]’ and decide who becomes president. (Read Story Here).

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