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FORGIVE ME, SIR! Pastor Bugembe Apologizes to Bujjingo & Wife Suzan Makula in Early Morning Voice Note after ‘Very Useless’ Remarks

Worship House lead Pastor Wilson Bugembe has on Friday, June 10 morning sent House of Prayer Ministries and his ‘wife’ Suzan makula Nantaba a voice note, apologizing them for the the statement he made about a ‘useless’ powerful person who criticized him for sharing his stage with secular musicians, and for kneeling before traditional healers’ boss Maama Fiina. 

Last week, Pastor Bugembe held his ‘Katonda w’Abanaku’ concert at Africana Hotel in Kampala. At the concert, secular musicians performed and Bujjingo was recorded kneeling before Maama Fiina to pick money.

But Bujjingo quickly criticized Bugembe for allowing secular musicians to sing at his concert and for giving God’s glory to Maama Fiina. In response, Bugembe told Bujjingo that he does not fear dining with witchdoctors because God is more powerful than them. On dining with ‘sinners,’ Bugembe said he would not stop showing love to sinners just like Jesus did.

After both Bugembe’s and Bujjingo’s videos went viral, the Nansana-based pastor sent a message apologizing to the Makerere-Kikoni-based pastor, especially because he had made reference to an empty handed and ‘very useless’ powerful person that some interpreted to be ‘Bujjingo.’

“This morning I sent Pastor Bujjingo a text message. I also sent a message to aunt Suzan. I told him to understand my heart. I told him that on every event some things will not be as planned,” Bugembe revealed on June 10 morning while appearing on NTV Uganda.

Bugembe explained that the useless person he was referring to was not Bujjingo but some South African-based ‘powerful person’ who has been claiming that he (Bugembe) works with Maama Fiina.

He further made it clear that he is open to being advised and that all pastors are free to call him if they have any bone of contention to pick with him.

“I’m still a child. I can be advised. Pastor Bujjingo has my phone number and he can call me whenever he has an issue he wants us to discuss with me,” said Bugembe.

Meanwhile, Pastor Bujjingo has recently revealed that his ‘wife’ Suzan Makula was recently left in shock after she landed on phone evidence showing that a wealthy city woman has been begging Bujjingo to ‘chew her,’ impregnate her or she dies. (Read Story Here).

HE’S DOING IT FOR MONEY: Ugandans Blast Pastor Bujjingo for Talking to God While Lying on Dusty Ground

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