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Dr Jane Ruth Aceng’s Ministry of Health (MoH) has spoken out on reports that it plans to forcefully vaccinate teenagers and children – without their parents’ consent. 

A few days ago, former 2021 presidential candidate Joseph Kiiza Kabuleta reminded the health ministry of the need and responsibility to provide parents with useful information to enable them make the right decisions on the vaccination of children and teenagers – to either grant or decline to give consent.

Kabuleta, who currently heads the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (Need), also claimed that some greedy people at MoH were pushing for mass vaccination of children and teenagers without parents’consent.

There have also been reports that the ministry was planning to vaccinate all school-going children, including those below the age of 18 whose consent would be key before the administration of Covid19 vaccine or any other vaccine.

Now, through Dr Henry G Mwebesa, the director general of health services, MoH has made it clear thata vaccination of children against Covid19 will not take place without parents’ consent.

“Attention has been drawn to several media posts stating that the ‘Ministry of Health plans to vaccinate children aged 12-17 years old against Covid19 with or without their parents’ consent.’ The Ministry would like to categorically state that this is completely false,” said Dr Mwebesa on June 10.

“The Ministry would like to reiterate that no child will be vaccinated against COVID-19 against their parents’, guardian or caretakers consent. This will be upheld during the vaccination of children.”

The director general of health services at MoH also informed the country that responsible institutions of government were making the necessary consultations on how to handle the issue of vaccination of children and teenagers.

“While Government would like to boost the immunity of children against Covid19 through vaccination, discussions are still ongoing with all the key stakeholders including parents on the best approach to be undertaken,” revealed Dr Mwebesa.

“The Ministry of Health together with Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and Vaccine Advisory Committee (VAC) after consultation with Cabinet will inform the public accordingly.”

Meanwhile, Aceng’s Ministry of Health has also opened up on reports that there will be another lockdown due to the rising Covid19 cases. (Read Story Here).

MONKEY POX: Aceng’s Health Ministry Speaks Out

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