FINALLY: Police Speaks on Lumbuye’s Whereabouts


Uganda Police Force (UPF) has shed light on regarding the whereabouts of toxic NUP blogger Fred Kajubi Lumbuye.

Lumbuye was expected at Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport on August 07.

But it remains unclear if the blogger that lied about President Yoweri Museveni’s death is in the country or not.

Now, police spokesperson Fred Enanga has confirmed that Lumbuye is not in their hands.

Enanga told reporters at the Police Headquarters in Naguru, Kampala, that it didn’t matter whether Lumbuye was already in the country or not.

“So, I want us to be very clear with that. I don’t want any other questions,” said Enanga.

“If he is not in our hands, how do you expect us to come out and tell the country where he is?”

He further explained that Police’s interest was to open up charges against Lumbuye once he is handed over to the force.

“The police is a very respected institution and we are going to wait until at whatever stage he is handed over to us and we shall go ahead and process him.”

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