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Female Radio Presenter Suspended after Being Beaten by Manager; Tormentor Spends Night in Prison

Nelson Twinamatsiko and a screenshot showing him beating up Anita Tumuramye

The management of Kanungu FM has suspended Anita Tumuramye, the female presenter and cashier that was filmed being mercilessly beaten by Station Manager Nelson Twinamatsiko. 

Twinamatsiko, who was a few months in office, meanwhile spent a night behind bars after being remanded by a court of law in the South Western Uganda District of Kanungu.

On Thursday, February 02, 2023, Twinamatsiko appeared before the Kanungu Grade One Magistrate Asanasio Mukobi who remanded him to Kanungu Government Prison. Twinamatsiko is facing charges of assault.

Kanungu Resident State Attorney Peter Muhendo said the state was still investigating the matter. Twinamatsiko will be at Kanungu Government Prison until February 08 when he will return to the temple of justice for the mention of his case.

Kanungu FM’s Management says it is also investigating the assault and has since suspended both Tumuramye and Twinamatsiko until the inquiries into the incident have been concluded.

Management categorized the case under “acts of indiscipline and misbehaviour” and said it “regrets this incident.” It added: “We honestly apologise to our esteemed listeners, business clients and the general public.”

The station seems to praise Twinamatsiko for the reforms at the station. “Upon assuming duty [in November 2022], he [Twinamatsiko] carried out a quick audit of the books of accounts and discovered a lot of irregularities.  It is important to note that Ms Anita Tumuramye, the lady in the video, had been working as a cashier in addition to other duties,” read a statement on the incident.

“The new manager introduced new reforms in the management of the radio station, including stringent measures in financial management… [which] did not please a number of workers at the station as they were used to the old ways of doing things and they resisted the new culture, thus creating a strained relationship with the new manager.”

It should be remembered that a few days ago, a video of the manager who was filmed nearly killing Tumuramye went viral on social media, prompting police to arrest Twinamatsiko. (Read Stories Here and There).

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