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FEELING SLEEPY, HEADACHE: Museveni on His Battle against Covid19

Museveni. Photo: PPU

Ugandan President General Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has given citizens a sneak peek into his health condition and how he is fighting the deadly Covid19.

The president is currently on sick leave which he might extend for more days until such a time when doctors have recommended that there is no coronavirus in his body.

For now, the elderly leader remains in isolation to avoid infecting members of the first family.

Museveni has revealed that during his sick leave he has suffered some manageable headache and has been feeling sleepy.

For the workaholic that he is, Museveni may not like sleeping for many hours in a day. Yet he has been advised to take his medicine and to have some rest.

“It is now day 3 in my Corona status. Yesterday, day 2 of my corona status, I felt very sleepy around 11am (the fifth hour of the day according to we, the People of the Tropics), yet I had slept well the previous night. Hence, I slept soundly up to the ninth hour of the day (3PM according to the People of the Temperate lands),” Museveni revealed.

“When I woke up, I was fresh and I wrote a short speech for the Rt. Hon. Nabbanja to give in Luwero today…  I slept at the fourth hour of the night, which the Europeans call 10PM and woke up at the 9th hour of the night (Shaaha mweenda z’ekiro) with a slight vague headache. I call it vague because it was not obwaabe (temples headache), it was not oruhora-hoore (the crown of the head) headache and it was not around the engata (the ring) of the head.”

Museveni is managing the headache with fluids.

“When I sat up and drank more water as advised by my daughter Patience Kokundeeka, the headache went away and I slept again.”

The president is expected to undergo more tests before the end of this week.

He has also advised Ugandans to take Covid19 seriously.

“I will wait for two more days and do the test again. It seems immunization and the boosters for the immunization, do help,” he noted. “I will keep you informed. Let everybody be fully vaccinated and for the elderly get boosters.”

Meanwhile, Museveni’s personal doctor has revealed the level of seriousness of Museveni’s Covid19 sickness. (See Details Here).

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