FDC mobilizer resurfaces, narrates ordeal abductors took her through

Nalongo Lukiya Namwanga

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) deputy secretary for local government Nalongo Lukiya Namwanga has resurfaced, almost two days since she disappeared from her home in Kazo, Bwaise, in Kawempe Division.

On September 08, party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat claimed plain-clothed security personnel had picked  Namwanga from her home in the wee hours, leaving her switched off phone behind.

Amuriat claimed the FDC mobilizer’s kidnap was politically motivated. Bwaise One Parish Woman Councillor in the Kawempe Division Urban Council in Kampala City is in the race for Kawempe South A Lady Councilor at KCCA.

Her party leader demanded her unconditional release. Hours after Amuriat told police and UPDF they would be held responsible for Namwanga’s life, she was found in Wobulenzi in Luwero District.

FDC Kawempe mobilizer goes missing

Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) spokesperson Patrick Onyango says Namwanga had been ‘kidnapped’ at about 9am — not the wee hours.

Onyango claims Namwanga told officers she had gone to a nearby pharmacy. But as she returned home with the drugs, a woman brandishing a knife had stopped her, ordered her into a parked car.

She reportedly told police she couldn’t remember the car’s registration number.

But inside the vehicle were two men who blindfolded her. And off they drove.

Midway the uncertain journey, Namwanga further narrated in her statement recorded at Kawempe Police Station, her captors stopped the car.

They removed the cloth from her face, then forced her to eat a yellow banana and a swallow a tablet. She refused the latter but was forced to take it.

She would later become on unconscious, and she doesn’t remember what happened thereafter.

When she came to, she realised she was in a bush.

She would later walk and inquire from some people who took her to the Kirinyabidde area LC I chairperson who contacted Kawempe Police.

Police say Namwanga needed medical attention, but they would continue investigating her case.

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