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Faridah Nakazibwe: I told Kadaga they’ll use & dump her like a condom but I don’t hate her

NTV Uganda news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe has said she doesn’t hate former Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga although she warned her government officials would use her and dump her like a condom.

In April 2020, the NTV Akawungeezi news reader warned Kadaga not to come back wailing to Ugandans that she was “used and discarded like a ngabo condom.”

Then, Kadaga had supporter the infamous MPs’ Shs10bn Covid19 cash Bonanza where MPs were to be given money to sensitize constituents about coronavirus.

The MPs would later return the money.

Nakazibwe had received criticism from Kadaga supporters who accused her of unbecoming social media trolling.

This prompted the NTV Mwawuze Mutya presenter to apologise.

“The language I used in my last Retweet to you was offensive and uncalled for. I apologise,” wrote Nakazibwe.

“While I still disagree with the decision by parliament, I should be able to do so without being offensive.”

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Now, over a year since she warned the Speaker she would be used and dumped like a condom, Nakazibwe says Kadaga inspires her.

Responding to a fan who claimed she hated Kadaga, Nakazibwe showered the defeated speaker with praises.

“For the record, RAK [Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga] is my inspiration and her loss [on May 24] can’t change that,” said Nakazibwe.

“[Her] 20 years at the helm is good enough just like [Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s] YKM’s 35….only that his luck hasn’t run out yet.”

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