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Family speaks on Tamale Mirundi accident

Presidential advisor Joseph Tamale Mirundi.

Presidential advisor on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi is nursing minor injuries from a Friday night accident, his family has said.

According to Tamale Mirundi Jr, the political commentator’s son, unknown people “intentionally knocked” Mirundi’s car at Zana on Friday.

The collision, that took place at about 8pm, damaged the car and left Mirundi with injuries but his life is out of danger, his son added.

Tamale Mirundi Jr also thanked his father’s security team for “their bravery in such times.”

“As a family, we are in touch with security agencies to establish the intentions of the tormentors and public will be informed about all the proceedings,” he continued.

Mirundi has severally exposed people he brands ‘mafia’ who he claims steal from government will impunity and fight those who reveal their dirty deals.

Last month, NBS TV cancelled his ‘One on One with Tamale Mirundi’ show. Senior government officials had reportedly put the station on pressure over his statements.

But Mirundi has vowed not to stop exposing the ‘mafia.’

“I reliably inform the public that all his works and media programs shall continue as usual,” his son wrote.

“ I further want to appreciate each and everyone who responded after getting such news, through phone calls and those who reached at the scene.”

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