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FALLING IN THINGS! Former Capital FM Love Doctor Irish Kanyerezi Lands Juicy Job at Kin Kariisa’s Next Media

Daniel Irish Kanyerezi. Courtesy Photo

Months ago, Daniel Irish Kanyerezi was the presenter of 91.3 Capital FM’s Late Date Show, a role in which he played ‘love doctor.’ But he now has a new job at Next Media Services. 

Kanyerezi left Capital FM at the end of October 2021 after working at the Kisementi-Kamwokya-based radio station for about seven years.

As he left the top radio station, Kanyerezi revealed his next plan: running a dating website to connect singles to lovers. He also said he would counsel those in troubled relationships and those battling depression.

“I have also created a dating website to help singles expand their Reach. God has been good and has Used Capital FM’s Management to support me by giving me the microphone to sell myself, build a Brand and have some of these ideas come to life!” he said then.

“So, what next for Daniel Irish? Pray a bit more, family and of course growing my baby: www(dot)beminetoday(dot)com, a dating website which I encourage you to create a profile and join! Will the dating groups stay? Certainly and you can reach me… for support! I will also offer counseling services to you dealing with depression, weird relationships, and fact findings.”

Months since he made this announcement, Kanyerezi has confirmed that he has taken up a new position at Next Media Services, whose Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Kin Kariisa.

Kanyerezi started work at the beginning of this month (September 2022), nearly one year since he left Capital FM.

He will now be the media group’s music and talent director.

“Praise God! September 01, I started a New Role at Next Media. I am Music Director for its brands: NBS Television, Next Radio, Sanyuka TV, NBS Sport, and Salam TV,” revealed Kanyerezi.

“I will oversee all music content, ensure artists have solid relationship with our platforms and Ugandan music gets massive airplay/support!”

Since Kanyerezi left Capital FM last a year, some changes have, as expected, taken place. For example, Levy has ably taken over The Late Date. Flavia Tumusiime Kabuura has also left the AM-PM midmorning show for a new program. (Read Story Here).

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